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Equipment Co-Location

The Layer 8 Group, Inc. is proud to call the Frontier CyberCenter home to its broad range of hosted services. Layer 8’s Server Colocation and Managed Hosting Services add onto the state of the art facility and services listed below:

  • Facility:
    • 20,000 Sq ft. facility including server space, network operations, conference facility, and physical plant.
    • Over 8,000 Sq ft. of server space housing cages, racks and custom applications.
  • Structural:
    • Ramming bollards protect the building exterior from vehicles.
    • Reinforced concrete walls and no outside windows protect the building interior.
    • Enclosed cabling throughout the facility.
    • Located on the first floor of a controlled access, multi-story building.
    • NEBS compliant – stringent Network Equipment Building Standards set by the Telecom industry.
  • Survivability of Infrastructure:
    • Six fully redundant Liebert HVAC units, the best in the industry.
    • Two fully redundant 2000 kW/2500 kva rated Liebert Generators, the best in the industry.
    • Five tanks with 25,000 gallons of diesel fuel and redundant fuel supply agreements.
    • Redundant switched power feeds provide "Uninterruptible Power Supply," transitioning from commercial to backup systems as needed.
    • Infrastructure supports 2000 watts of power per square foot.
  • Internal Network Redundancy:
    • Two Cisco 12000 Gigabit routers equipped with Hot Standby Router Protocol for full redundancy.
    • Four fully redundant Cisco Catalyst switches provide survivability and traffic distribution throughout the CyberCenter network.
  • Fire Suppression:
    • Laser sniffers identify environmental changes (heat, smoke, etc.) to prevent fires before they happen. FM 200 fire suppression suffocates flames, protecting employees and preventing equipment damage.
  • Security:
    • Ten surveillance cameras outside of the building.
    • Key card entry to building.
    • Photo ID required for access.
    • Security guard behind bullet proof glass.
    • Roving security guard.
    • Sign in at security desk.
    • Man Trap before entering facility.
    • Key code entry to facility.
    • Bio-metric hand scanner entry to server farm.
    • Locked cages and racks with key code entry.
    • 83 surveillance cameras inside the building with 30-day storage and retrieval.
    • Camera monitoring on-site by security guards and remotely by the Network Operations Center.
  • Internet Backbone:
    • A redundant IP backbone operating at speeds up to 10 Gbps.
    • Self-Healing SONET network re-routes traffic in milliseconds to avoid bottlenecks and overloads.
    • Over 200 public and private peering arrangements/
  • Monitoring:
    • Conducted 24/7/365 by technicians located at our Network Operations Center (NOC).
    • Customer inbound and outbound traffic is measured every 5 minutes using SNMP.
    • Network traffic and peering arrangements are monitored.
    • Facility monitoring tracks changes in the environment.

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