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Current regulations such as HIPAA, GLB, SEC 17a, and Sarbanes-Oxley require some sort of long range data retention, with penalties based on compliance failures. The Layer 8 Backup Solution is designed to help you comply with regulations by employing secure transmission of data, controlled physical access (no tapes to lose), data retention and logical access to stored data via secure user interface, and data retention.

Remote Backup

What steps has your company implemented to protect your corporate data?

One of the biggest challenges facing small to medium sized businesses is the reliable backup of company data. Tape drives and tapes are expensive, prone to mechanical failure, and often times are not removed properly off-site. To address this constant challenge, Layer 8 has implemented an online and off-site backup solution that reliably and securely moves your data to our hosting facility daily. This system can perform backup of company laptops, desktops, and central file servers (including Microsoft Exchange and SQL Data).

In addition to daily backup, Layer 8 is able to produce a snapshot of your current backup on a regular basis for archival purposes. Most business industries are obligated under current policies to maintain a record of all regular data. The Layer 8 Backup Solution enables firms to export and store a snapshot of backup data on a consistent basis. This data can be stored on-site, or delivered on the media of choice as business needs dictate.